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Training Tips

Check out the tips below to keep your dog's training on top form... 


The Perfect Recall

When we teach our dogs to come back to us when we call them, this is called RECALL. It it highly important to keep them and others safe when they are out and about! 

Here are a few tips to ensure your dog has perfect recall throughout their lives...

  • Be consistent and use the same language and tone of voice 

  • Always carry treats, especially tasty high value ones like cheese or sausages

  • If your dog loves toys, carry their favourite toy with you

  • Praise and reward generously :)

  • Practise recall games regularly as part of their continuous training and keep it short and fun

  • If your dog hasn't quite mastered their recall skills yet but you would like them to have a little more freedom, use a long line to give them a little more freedom


Loose Lead Walking

We all want to keep our arms and shoulders intact right? Teach your dog to walk calmly on the leash and make your walks more enjoyable for everyone. 

Here's a few pointers to ensure your walks are calm and enjoyable...

  • Use a Y-shaped harness rather than a collar to protect your dog's neck

  • A harness with a clip at the front and back for a double ended leash, also prevents your dog from pulling 

  • Use a fixed length leash rather than an expandable one

  • Praise and reward your dog when the leash is loose

  • Practise loose lead walking games regularly as part of their continuous training

  • Happy walking!



Socialisation means getting your dog used to living in our human world from the minute they are born right through to adulthood and beyond to ensure they are RESILIENT, CONFIDENT and live happy and full lives. 

Please ensure you NEVER EVER FORCE your puppy/dog into a situation they are unsure of and allow them to experience things at their own pace and only when they are happy and ready - You can always try another day!

I have created a short list below of some of the things you should allow your puppy to experience so that when they come across them as adult dogs they are less afraid of anything familiar or new... 

  • Other well behaved dogs (if the owner allows it!) 

  • Other animals

  • People and children (of all ages, shapes and sizes)

  • Different environments e.g. parks, beaches, towns, hotels, cafes, pubs, Highland games, agricultural shows etc

  • Different noises/sounds e.g. cars, lorries, trains, fireworks, babies crying, doors being opened/closed, pedestrian crossings, bagpipes etc 

  • Different textures under their feet e.g. stones, grass, concrete, sand, water, wooden bridges etc 

  • Different weather, since we often get all 4 seasons in one day! :)

Treats can be used to give your puppy/dog a little encouragement along the way BUT remember to take it at your dog's pace and if they are unsure just try another day - we don't want to overwhelm them!!

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