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Enrichment Ideas

What is Enrichment?

We all know that dogs need exercised daily to keep them physically fit and healthy but by providing enrichment in their environment we can keep their brains fit and healthy too. We can use enrichment to challenge our dogs and encourage them to solve problems through harnessing their natural instincts, particularly those of sniffing and hunting for food.

It also keeps boredom at bay by keeping them busy, as long as it's not too challenging that they lose interest. Remember all dogs are different and have different abilities! :) 

Not only that, many enrichment activities can be easily created using things lying around the house and it is a self rewarding activity for your dog or puppy.

Click on the link below to my instagram page where you can find many more enrichment ideas and more training tips, videos and advice.

Have fun! :) 

In this video, I used household items of different shapes and sizes and items which make different noises, and set out a little mini 'sniff and find' obstacle course. This activity really encourages your dog to not only look for food but to use their all important sense of smell to sniff out the food.

Give it a go! Visit my instagram page for many more ideas similar to this one! :)

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